All of my IST projects are listed on this page.

First IST Assignment:

Initial Website

This website you are on right now is my first website! The first part of our first IST assessment requires that I design and "hand code" a website, and this is the result. :)

Mock Website

As a training exercise, we were required to write a website that looked identical to a website in an image. My attempt at this can be found here.

Picture of the original site for reference.

Javascript Trading Game: Spree

The second part of our IST assignment required us to write a Javascript trading game. Mine is called "Spree", and the main goal of the game is to buy and sell stuff in order to buy a big house in 2 towns.

An online version of the game may be found here.

As well as this, a version of the game packaged in Electron, as well as the source code for the game, can be accessed here.